John the Beloved

3 easy ways to find and bridge your magic

Have you disovered your magic? If so, do you know how to bridge it? If not, where do you begin? We talk about magic, being magical, living magic etc. What does it mean? Are we just being woo-woo? Does it take a 7 year apprenticeship? Or are we onto something special? Magic happens when we make a choice to stop being critical of ourselves and to choose to see what we really have inside. And that’s the issue. Most of us learn early to see our faults and lack, or to see ourselves as the centre of the world. We are either taught not to make too much of ourselves or that we can have whatever we want. That feeds the personality and the balance between it and the Soul is off. How to change it? Here are 3 ways. Firstly, take a few minutes each day to remember the gifts in your life. We all have someone or something for which to be thankful. Make a list and add to it each day. This turns your focus from your emotions to your heart and you begin to anchor yourself there. Secondly, when you meditate connect to your heart chakra and listen. We tend to sit here and share what we hope for or dream of. Instead, listen to what your heart is trying to show you. This is your Soul speaking and it knows your journey and its purpose. Finally, spending time in nature, your feet on the grass if the temperature allows, watching the clouds scurrying across the sky, or sitting under a tree. You might like to walk on the beach or in a forest. Spend time being there without thinking of all you have to do, the problems you have to solve or how little time you have. Simply be there and be present to what the moment holds for you. Nature is amazing when we take time to be with it. Practising these three steps opens the heart, taking us beyond our needs or wants. We step into a larger world of Spirit and of balance. All these are essential if we are to find and live our magic. Thankfulness, not gratitude opens the door to the heart. I wonder what you might find there as you do so? I wonder what you might find that you have been overlooking?