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What practical outcomes are possible for you this year?

At the beginning of a year, I like to explore the practical outcomes possible for the year. I find it helps if I look back at the outcomes achieved in the past year. When I stop and compare where I end the year and then how I began it, I’m able to see the progress without criticism or doubt. 

I usually ask myself two questions that enable me to put things into perspective. I’ve included them in next week’s challenge. In answering the questions, my awareness opens up and I’m able to see my journey through fresh eyes.   

How do you see the practical outcomes possible for you this year? 


2 Responses

  1. You certainly did make some changes – major ones too! What specifically might you be looking at in practical ways that might give others some clues? Anyone else have any specific ideas?

  2. With so much change around me last year, I changed many things last year. This year I’m looking to creatively continue changing with new practical outcomes which are fun and enjoyable. Looking forward to the challenge next week! thank you.

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