John the Beloved

how are we communicating?

We’re talking at each other

When you look at the kind of conversations that are occurring at the moment, most of them are fuelled by anger, by rage, by fear, or a sense of helplessness. And because of that, there’s no true conversation. We have an opportunity to step out of that, to look at what’s important for us, and to look at how we can take care of our own energy in a manner that allows us to interact with people instead of trying to convert them or abuse them, or coerce them.

We could be the example for other people that will enable us to change, to rebalance and align that planetary discourse. What it requires, is a willingness to throw away our own agenda, of being important, or being the one that converts somebody or makes someone change their mind. We need to be the one who stands in love and acceptance, and says, let’s find a way together to make this work. How we view ourselves, and our willingness to be kind, open and compassionate, will determine how successful we are in creating a world community. Not a world divided.

We’ve all seen the damage that can occur when there are divisions in communities, they’re even worse when they’re in countries. Whether you believe in what the authorities are doing or not, yelling at each other isn’t going to help us to find a way to move forward together. And much of that is exacerbated by the fact that just when everyone seems to feel as though things are settling down and coming under control, it erupts out of control again. Control’s the issue.

When we connect to the planetary being we flow with the cycles of life. We work with the rhythms in nature. So going for a walk in nature and just breathing in and allowing that energy to be a healing force for you may in fact help you to then be a healing force for others..


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