John the Beloved

We’re all created equal

All are equalWe’re all created equal.  John said, value lies in recognising all are equal, but all don’t have equal circumstances. We can value someone, irrespective of their position in life, the level of their bank balance, how they dress, how good looking or not, they are. Because when we genuinely value ourselves and others, it’s not what’s on the surface that’s important. It’s about who they are on inner levels.

Since we’re all created equal, what we do with that equality is, to a certain extent, conditioned by the circumstances into which we chose to incarnate because we all incarnated with a purpose. For some of us, that purpose might have been to be born in a drought stricken part of Africa. For someone else, it might be born into a wealthy family.

The use of the circumstances doesn’t determine the value of the individual. It determines the opportunities that are created for the specific purpose for which the individual incarnated.

Consequently, I hope you go back over that piece again because once we all understand that we all have a different path, perhaps we might stop judging each other, based on the path we’re each walking. We all have a role to play big or small. We all came to make a difference to the society in which we live. If we don’t value that society, or if we haven’t even looked at what the society’s values are, we can’t play that role.

Take a moment to look at your society. Does your society  reflect your values? Do you have any values?  Within your society, are there a mixture of lifestyles and/or a mixture of livelihoods? And that at the core, we’re all souls on a journey together within that community. In recognising that, does it make any difference? Does it have any impact on who you choose to be within that situation?

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