John the Beloved

Setting A foundation

Last week, we spoke about being grounded. 

This week, I want to talk about setting your foundation. Are they the same? Some people think so. Some people think that if we’re grounded, then we have a foundation, but in actual fact grounding simply anchors us. A foundation comes from what we believe to be true. What works for us on any level, whether that’s spiritual or non-spiritualSo, setting your foundation is about taking time to be clear about what you believe, about what you accept as a basis for how you want to live your life on all levels, particularly at a spiritual level.  

When we know what our foundation is, then we have the strength and the understanding, no matter what life chooses to throw at us, that we have something that we can lean on that will support us as we navigate through the change or through the challenge. So, my question is, what’s your foundation? How clear, are you about what it is that’s important to you and that’s the core of where you’re standing.  

Next week we’ll look at something other. 


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