Moving Into The New

As we move into 2021, there is still so much that appears unresolved or unclear. I hear many people talk about not knowing “who to be or how to be”. Those words are a really interesting giveaway. No matter what is occurring around us, Spirit will always give us either clues or answers in challenging times if we ask.  

When we let go of getting it right, when we stop attaching to external events, then we are able to hear our guidance very clearly. It sees the bigger picture and knows the steps for us to take. No matter what is showing up all we need to do is to continue to follow our guidance and be willing to explore how to operate differently.  

Whilst we are still living in challenging times, waiting for things to return to ‘normal’ is now being seen very clearly as a waste of time. Normal is gone and we are being asked to explore a new way of being.  

What might yours be?  

7 Responses

  1. When we let go of getting it right…..when we stop attaching to external events…then we are able to hear our guidance very clearly…..ok…there must be some key promptings on how to not be so attached to external events…as from the moment we come into interact with physically being present….everything is geared to follow our outer promptings…every habit every moment our eyes connect with the outside world… what is the key????

  2. Free flowing into my own expression, every day in every way, i keep remembering, who i am. what i feel like, underneath the external walls of who i think i should be. simplicity, in all things, for if it is simple, from heart and ease, it is truth <3 i am to enjoy it

  3. stop and breathe and listen to my guidance. Listen to the rhythm of the Universe and stop rushing. Let go of expectations.

  4. Deeply listening to my ‘inner’ and trusting the rhythm to align my energy with the Universe. No expectations ….

  5. No more rush into doing but the new found pleasure of being …
    People have the time to speak and share whilst in the queues.. feelings of gratitude and joy for the blessings and memories of life
    Time to observe the position of the sun and the moon and the miracle of the seasons!

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