John the Beloved

Where are you standing?

where are you standing?Where are you standing? Now is a great time to ask yourself. If meeting your own needs, no matter the impact on others, drives you then you are not standing in the light of who you be. You’re standing in a personality that says me,me,me. If your journey is all that’s important and you have no time to stop and chat with someone or offer help to a stranger, then you are not shining the light of who you be. Greed and selfishness are the enemies of connection and collaboration.

Where are you standing? What is important to you right now? How aware of others are you? How important is it that others see how good, or spiritual, or beautiful, or…..  you are? If your life is lived to gain the admiration of others, then all you do is for yourself and those for whom you do it are irrelevant.


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