John the Beloved

Standing in the light of who you be.

In 2013 John spoke about standing in the light of who you be and of standing on solid ground. Here is an extract:

We talk to you often about standing in the Light of Who You Be. When we are talking about Light in this context we’re not talking about standing in a spotlight. We are using Light as an alternative word for consciousness or awareness because Light is both consciousness and awareness.

So, when you’re standing the Light of Who You Be you are standing in your awareness or consciousness of yourself. Unity, collaboration, community, all of these come as a direct consequence of standing in the Light of Who You Be.  And when you do, so you do not prove or defend. 

 Until we’re able to stand in who we be, we struggle to be consistent in our thoughts and behaviours. We often frustrate ourselves through our lack of stability or consistency. Using any of the breathing exercises John has given us helps our awareness enormously.


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  1. I often feel I have to defend myself and prove something to others and even to myself! It takes a lot of energy and causes strain and sometimes pain between myself and others when doing this. I wonder what it would feel like to not feel the need to defend myself or blame others when things go wrong or don’t go my way. How much more energy would I have? Because guilt quickly follows blame. – longing to feel this light of consciousness more often.

    1. Hi Jennifer, If you feel you have to defend or prove, perhaps there is a piece of you that isn’t fully accepting how good you really are? What might you need to be able to do that?

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