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Looking at our value’s effect on the planet.

our value affects our planetLooking at our value’s effect on the planet, we see that our personal value affects the planet. 

The more we align to the values that we choose to live by, the more we freshen the energy of the planet. Why do I say that? I say that because every thought and emotion that we experience goes out into the world and becomes part of the aura of the planet. That, as you all know, it affects things like the weather patterns.

However, it’s deeper than that. Every thought or feeling we have forms what we call mass consciousness. If we don’t look at our values and freshen them then we might still be living with old patterns and beliefs that we’ve long outgrown but didn’t update consciously. It’s important for us to be able to lift mass consciousness out of a collection of fears and judgments, pain, beliefs and disbeliefs into a value system that supports and empowers the whole planet. That way we all benefit and grow.

The stronger your value, the stronger the sense of value in mass consciousness becomes, which helps when looking at our value’s affect on the planet

So, look at yours, freshen it. You may find some of your values have changed. And if they have why might that be? You may find that you’ve got so used to thinking a particular way about who you are, that you haven’t noticed the who you are has changed and that perhaps it’s time to see yourself and your values in a more updated fashion.

I guess my challenge at this point is to ask you to look at what your values are. Have they changed? Do they need updating or upgrading? And how do you think that might impact on the planet as a whole.

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