John the Beloved

Filling our bubble with pink light

working with the colour pinkLast week, I suggested spending time filling our bubble with light. In other words, giving ourselves healing. And in doing so we give ourselves a breathing space so that we’re not continually on the mouse’s wheel of concern and anxiety. It doesn’t deny that we may have things in our lives that we’re feeling concerned about. But what it does is it takes us out of that loop. And sometimes when we come out of that loop, we have ideas, possibilities, thoughts, that can help us to change that mood, and encourage us.

So this week, I’m suggesting that instead of filling your bubble with blue, you fill your bubble with pink, and that through the filling of your bubble with pink, you’ll begin to allow yourself to accept that things are the way they are, just because they are. It is so easy to fall into self judgement and then we’re blocked.

Events in our world are not our fault. However how we address them is our responsibility.

You haven’t done anything wrong. You haven’t been a bad person. This isn’t your karma. This is a global situation that affects relationships, financial markets, retail markets, it affects health and well-being. And above all, it affects family. Don’t take the blame for this.

We have a choice to either fall into the fear and negativity or to step back and look at what we can create out of it all. Instead, take stock of what it is you have to accept because you can’t do anything about it. And areas where perhaps by being creative, you might be able to make some changes that are beneficial to you and to yours. Is this the time to train for something else? Perhaps you can now imagine something that seemed impossible earlier?


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