John the Beloved

Being Half-hearted

This month we’re talking about the Heart. We spend so much time telling ourselves that we care, we serve, and we are Spirit led. In John’s Talk 11, He speaks about the heart and its significance. He talks about the heart being half open. If we don’t have an open heart to ourselves then we are only half open. The piece closed to self is that of our own self judgement. If we are in self judgement, then we will automatically judge others for we will see ourselves in them or project our own feelings onto them.

How is that caring, serving or being Spirit led?


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  1. Hi Anna, I’m wondering why do we have to be ‘re-conventional’? Why can’t we be able to accept that with which we don’t agree as simply another’s version of the truth? Letting people go and moving on takes courage. It also opens our heart to allow more people to enter. Does loneliness follow in the initial stages? Or is that Spirit reminding us to be open to who we are and to be with ourselves? There’s a big difference to being lonely and being alone.

  2. This is so interesting. I recall a wonderful Shamanic teacher who has since passed, about being – close-hearted, half-half hearted, or open hearted. I now am more aware of when I am in judgement of self (half-hearted) I will project onto others that which is mine to address. Being fully open hearted takes enormous courage, vulnerability and deep listening of oneself.
    Question is navigating that need to reject that which I don’t agree with?
    Speaking this morning to a colleague in the USA, around being in ‘re-conventional’ stages of life where I leave people behind who are still in conventional thinking – can result in loneliness as one moves to a different vibration of Being.

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