John the Beloved

Being engaged

In 2015 I asked these questions: 

Are you ready to live with joy? 

Do you have a plan for moving forward? 

Have you created the platform for the future?  

John had stated that 2016 was about new beginnings – and it was! The energy began to shift and change then. Five years later and we are into new opportunities and beginnings based on a virus which knocked us all for six. 

I thought it might pay to revisit these questions and if or how our answers then were helpful in dealing with the issues that have arisen as a result of lockdown – relationships, career, finances and how we live our life.  

I was certainly ready to live a life of joy – and am still doing so, despite our family being all overseas. They are safe and that is all that matters. We’ll see them when we see them.   

My plan was a seedling at that time. It has now come to fruition and whilst feeling a little strange at first, I’m gradually settling into a new rhythm. In fact, I’m looking forward to what Spirit shows us next.  

As a result of allowing myself to be guided, the platform is certainly in place. Will we make changes? Of course. This is about being a work in progress.  

What about you? Can you look back to then and see how what you set up then has put you here now? 


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  1. Yes, definitely, in fact I have also physically moved back to where I was living at the start of 2016, although the interstate move that time was to Perth from Hervey Bay in QLD, this year it brought me back!

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