John the Beloved

Being Accepting

My plan for moving forward was about creating a community platform where we could share the many courses and programmes we’d created along the way for a small fee. The idea was that if and when we pass on, the materials will still be available to those interested.  

We created the Insight Teachings membership site and moved everything over to it, including the Moon Cycle and John’s talks. It was opened up in 2020 and about 6 months later John told us we were to pass this on to 3 members of the community. Anita, Orla and Sonia are now the ones to build this to the next step, whilst we move on to setting up the new channel.  

Did we anticipate this in 2015? The idea for a site. Yes. The rest of it? No. Does it fill me with joy? Absolutely. I love it when Spirit’s plan comes together, and I find out then not in advance! 


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