John the Beloved

And then comes Aether/Spirit

And then comes Aether/ Spirit. When we’re at ease within about where we stand, the pressure lifts and our heart opens to feel more joy. At that point sitting and breathing becomes easier and more effortless. The door to our spiritual connection opens even wider.

When we connect to Spirit, or Aether, we find our inner resilience. At that point our elements work together in a constructive manner. Aether stimulates fire, which in turn warms the air. Through that creativity being stimulated, we’re able to plan outcomes and possibilities that bring a sense of joy and peace. At that point the water nurtures and supports us. In doing so we continue to build more and more of who we be and less of who we should be.

Are you aligned or still developing alignment? It isn’t a race. It’s about being alive and finding ways to enjoy life, no matter the externals.


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