John the Beloved

John spoke of our frequency

image of frequency John spoke about our frequency and how it affects our possibilities, some time ago. How we think and feel affects that frequency and therefore our experiences. How we take care of self and others has an impact on our well-being.

In Talk 39, Frequency and Possibility he says, When you stand in the frequency which says, “I am a human being, part of the Divine, part of the All That Is, and anything is possible for me if I choose” then you unite the first three laws: the law of one because you are aligned and of choice; the law of attraction and acceptance and the law of frequency which is also about harmlessness. The more you align to a frequency that respects others even when you disagree with them, the more you stand at a universal level.”

When life is challenging it is easy to forget that we have the tools to help us to cope. As I sit to record this, the birds are singing after a shower of rain. Their song is sweet. No matter what it is, and no matter how small it is, can you be the example that helps people to pull themselves out of toxic environments so that we bring balance back to a world that at the moment is suddenly out of balance? You’ll feel so much better, and be the example for other people to do the same


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