John the Beloved

It’s time to focus on our aspirations

When we focus on our aspirations, we have an opportunity to lift our energy. John talked about this in December. He talked about how, by aspiring, we lift our vision, we lift our energy higher, we reach for something more than we’re currently accepting.

When I look around, and I see how much garbage there is in the oceans, and on the land, what it shows me is how low our aspirations have become. We satisfy ourselves with material things, instead of looking at what within us could feed us much more effectively. We waste energy. We throw things away because we live in a disposable society. And all of that has a karmic impact. We came to be caretakers of this planet, and to use its resources wisely and well.
Somewhere along the way, we didn’t focus on our aspirations. Somewhere along the way, we settled for personal satisfaction, and forgot that we’re part of a bigger community. Somewhere along the way, perhaps as communication became quicker, as travel became easier, we fell into the trap of feeding our senses and not feeding ourselves. And when we don’t feed our soul, we create karma. 2022 is a karmic point in the cycle of humanity according to John and we can change how we operate going forward by how we address that karmic point. And it’s not about negative karma. It’s about positive.
In meditation when we connect to the planetary being, we connect to an ancient and peaceful energy. It’s timeless. And because it’s timeless, anything and everything is possible. When we come out of that meditation, we return to a world that at the moment is chaotic and stressful, where there seems to be little time for anything or anyone. And where everything isn’t possible, only some things are. It’s a difference between, for me, what is significant, and what is just an appearance of significance. Our world wears an appearance of significance, almost of self-importance. But when we connect to the planetary being, when we connect in meditation to any of the ancient souls, and beings who are there to work with us, then we truly connect to significance. How we use that significance determines where we go moving forward.


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