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How to still a chattering mind

How to still a chattering Mind

When we’re stressed, one of the worst things for that stress is the fact that our mind is like a mouse on a wheel. And it goes round and round in circles. The more we try to still our mind and tell it to stop, the more it seems like a two year old and becomes noisier, louder and faster. So how do we stop it? What’s the way to change our chattering mind to at least give us some peace until we achieve inner peace?

When your mind is starting to chatter, and it usually happens when you get into bed, have a pad and a pen beside the bed and just jot down any notes. In fact, if you can do it before you go to bed, it’s even better. Jot down what the thoughts are that are going through your mind. In other words, get them out of your system.

Look at what it is you feel you haven’t accomplished that is eating at you. And instead of criticising yourself for not accomplishing it, ask yourself, what’s another step you can take towards that one step only. Look at the things that you have accomplished and what qualities within you or abilities within you, enabled you to do.

These are only three simple things. What you’ll find is that as you start to do that, you’re giving your mind direction. It’s got less need to go dashing around in circles, checking to make sure everything’s been completed, in case it’s missed something. Let us know how this helps you.


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