John the Beloved

How aligned are you within – Checklist


If you find that most of these apply to you then you are literally standing outside of yourself and monitoring your life – and perhaps the lives of others too!

  1. Do you find yourself worrying over the small things in your life?
  2. Are you impatient to ‘get things done?’
  3. Do you have to ‘get it right?’
  4. Are you easily upset or distracted?
  5. Find it difficult to switch off?
  6. Toss and turn rather than easily falling asleep?


How do you resolve this?

  • Meditation, daydreaming or visualisation can help
  • Taking time out in nature
  • Talking out your worries with someone you trust
  • Exploring why you feel in such a rush about things
  • Identifying your buttons and how to manage them
  • Listening to music, or thinking of something pleasant as you settle down for the night

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