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Connecting to Spirit

Connecting to Spirit

Last month we spoke about relationships. And this month, I want to talk about relationships based on connection. And there’s really only one relationship, for me, that’s the most significant and that’s our relationship with spirit, with our intuition, and guidance.

We’re all connected. Everything in the universe is connected. Because it’s all part of an energy, a universal consciousness, spirit, whatever term you want to use. It’s a connection that we might close ourselves from, but we never lose.

If we don’t feel connected, it’s because a part of us has disconnected for whatever reason and usually there is a reason.  

If everything’s connected, if we have a relationship with all life, with All That Is, how’s the best way to work with it? Does that mean we have to spend all day in prayer or meditation? That we have to dress a certain way, look a certain way? No. What it means is that for us, there is an energy, a connection, a sense of belonging within us, that is the most powerful, because it fills all the tiny little holes inside, that sometimes we’re not aware are there.  

Our connection to spirit is what sustains us. Often, for many people, it’s at an unconscious level. Things will happen and they’ll ascribe it to luck, or coincidence. Whereas if you are actively engaged in developing that connection, you know, that what happens comes from that connection.

The prompt to tell you to go back and check something and you find it’s fortunate that you did. The knowing when the phone rings of who’s on the other end. And the prompts that we ignore, because our logic tells us is ridiculous. And then we find listening to that prompt could have saved us time, energy, grief, a variety of things.

Our connection to spirit is our lifeline to life. I really believe that it fills us in ways we can’t even begin to comprehend until it’s not there. How do you develop your connection to spirit? How do you enjoy it? 


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