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building our strength

If your sense of well-being is securely anchored, if you feel that no matter what is occurring in the world, all is well then all is proceeding for you in a timely manner. And the element of water within your system is flowing freely.   

For many people, that’s not the case. They look at corona virus. They look at the fact that their job’s dried up, or a loved one is sick, or they’re separated from people that they care about and they don’t know when they’re going to be able to reconnect. For some, being in isolation itself, being with themselves and not being able to be distracted by other people creates a sense of ill being and not well-being. And that comes from a lack of acceptance.   

How do we build acceptance? We build a sense of acceptance by making a list of the things we like about ourselves. What are the things that we do easily that we like?  So this is not about making a list of how we would like other people to see us, what we think we should be. This is about being honest and saying in this moment, I like my smile. I like the fact that I’m kind. I like the fact that I can be the life and soul of the party. I’m intelligent and caring. It doesn’t matter what that list contains providing it genuinely contains what you like about who you are.   

And then you make a list of what you don’t like. The things that you don’t like about you are where you are not standing in acceptance of who you are. It means there’s a judgement. And whilst ever the judgement is there, you’re not going to be comfortable. Most of us have self-judgments, most of us have periods where we don’t particularly like how we have behaved. But how we behave isn’t a measure of who we are. So if you can separate what you consider to be bad behaviour from what you don’t like about yourself, that’s a step towards self acceptance, because behaviour can be changed.   

So this week. I’m asking you to ask yourself: What do I like or appreciate about me?  

And secondly: What would I change to bring more self acceptance? 


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