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Are your relationships solid?

Are your relationships solid?

This month’s blog is about relationships. We’ve talked about being the captain of our soul. And “if it’s to be begins with me”. We’ve talked about putting a bit more energy back into our lives and particularly more joy. And one of the areas where joy plays a significant part or can is the area of relationship.

Are your relationships solid? One of the things I’ve noticed as a result of COVID, and separation, being in isolation, is how it’s affected people and their relationships. And not always for the better.

For some people, the fact that there is no possibility of physical connection has resulted in an attitude of out of sight, out of mind. For others, the exact opposite. Because there’s been an inability to physically connect, a need has developed to make that connection happen. And not necessarily in a whole or fulfilling way. The relationships that sustain us aren’t the relationships that rescue us, or that sacrifice for us.

The relationships that support who we are, that are solid, are the relationships we have with people that no matter where we’re at, no matter how we are feeling those connected to us, are there for us. They support us, if we need it. They’ll call us out if we need it. They won’t judge. And they won’t pretend.

As the world begins to open up conditionally, because now there’s not just COVID, there’s monkey pox. There’s the threat of war. There’s a financial collapse, the housing market collapse, all of which are points of fear. As the world opens up conditionally Are you being conditional in the relationships that you have? Do you appreciate them? Do you show your appreciation? Or do you take them for granted?


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