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Are you building community?

community gardenAre you building community?

In January, John spoke about energy, the energy of control and about how, for the past two years all of us have felt that we’re being controlled in one way or another. Not just because there’s a pandemic but because of the rules and regulations that have been initiated as a result.

Although he spoke about the pandemic, and the conflicts that have arisen because of how people feel about their freewill, etc, he spoke more about the energy from a perspective of how we personally control our circumstances and ourselves. All of us have been affected. It could be relationships, finances, or career. We might no longer live where we were living. He spoke about how we handle whether we react or respond to those circumstances.

We need to look at how we can rebuild community. What’s happened globally has split us wide open. Being in community with like-minded people is easy. Not so easy with those with whom we don’t agree. Building community is about learning to listen, to respect their viewpoint, to which they’re entitled and to accept that we can agree to disagree in some areas, whilst still agreeing in others.

The biggest energy for us all to work with this year is the energy of acceptance. We either accept something or we don’t. When we accept that who we are is who we are, and who others are is who they are, it enables us to build a bridge to re-establish a community. Acceptance doesn’t mean having to accept the actions of another. It simply means that we accept that they are as equally entitled to their opinion and their expression of that opinion as we are.


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