John the Beloved

3 Ways To Help Others

This month we’re looking at three ways we might help others. At this point in time, building community is really important. However, we can only build community if we’re prepared for it, if we’re open to allowing people in our lives.

So the first way to help others is first of all, how well do you know yourself inside? Take five minutes each day simply to sit and acknowledge how you’re feeling. And what you want to do with that feeling, because that can bring amazing insights for you. But it might also be something that someone else echoes to you later in the day, or the week.

Number two, are you consciously ready to share the best of yourselves with others? If you are, then you will treat them as you would like to be treated with respect with care and with kindness.

And thirdly, be aware of what your buttons are. It’s no good stepping forward to help somebody else if the first thing they say pushes your emotional button and you let rip. being upset is a sure sign that our soul has set us up to learn or recognise something and often that comes through our interaction with others. If you know what your buttons are, you can respond rather than react.


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