John the Beloved

Where do you undermine your potential for Magic?

Where do you allow your need to control to get in the way? When does your need for safety override your connection to others? How does your fear of getting it wrong affect your magic? Magic happens when we connect to our heart and allow it to guide us. Trouble is that we don’t trust our heart to keep us safe or to know what’s best for us. There are two esoteric comments I wish to share here: Love with the mind and know with the heart. If we don’t trust our heart then we will never allow ourselves to know with the heart. We can only love from the emotional body which is conditional. Loving with the mind is about letting go of criticism on any level and being open and accepting that if something is happening there is a purpose. In his talk on Bridge the Magic John asked, “Where are the areas where because you do not accept yourself fully, you are undermined?” These two go hand in hand. When you know what you allow to undermine you, then you can address it. Once you address it then you begin to live from the heart. How do you address it? By connecting to your heart chakra and allowing your Soul to speak. Listen and you willl be amazed at what you hear. Then it’s about applying it. That can be scary at first and yet once you do it becomes progressively easier.