John the Beloved

When Spirit Knocks

So often I hear people say that they are not sure how to serve – or they don’t know if they should – or they will when they are ready. Then I hear how they were walking down the street, something occurred and they stepped forward without thinking about it to help. That is service. It’s not about a 9 – 5 job. It’s not about how much we teach. Service is about being there to hold out a hand to someone. It’s about listening when Spirit comes knocking and stepping forward. It’s about the joy we feel when we answer the knock. Sometimes our service comes to us quietly and sometimes in a loud voice. Often we are not prepared – our hair isn’t done, we haven’t perfected our offer, we thought it might be next week. In spite of ourselves, however, Spirit always comes knocking inspiring us to be all we can be. When we stop thinking of service as work and begin to think of it as creative opportunities to connect, perhaps we might then enjoy who we are and all we can be. My international travel occurred when I was most definitely not ready. In fact, the idea of travelling overseas to a place I did not know, a company I had never worked with and with people who might or might not feel a benefit terrified me. And then I heard the words so clearly. All is well. I also remembered another phrase that I truly believe. If it’s to be it begins with me. Could I say no and have no regrets later for opportunities not taken? Could I truly say I am serving Spirit if I decide if I go or stay. The opportunity came to me and clearly that was not something I had created. So, I said yes and off I went. It was certainly an adventure! I ate chilli prawns expecting them to be like ours. They were 10 times hotter! So I became very well acquainted with the bathroom. And yet, I met some wonderful people, had a great time despite it all and was asked to return regularly. That is how my international career began. I often wonder what my life would have become if I had said no.