John the Beloved

What’s the difference between enthusiasm and inner magic

How do enthusiasm and inner magic differ? Surely they both come from the same source? Aren’t they interchangeable? When you experience both then you are quite clear that they are not the same. In his talk on enthusiasm John speaks of how it differs from inner magic. Enthusiasm is a product of the personality. It isn’t bad, good or indifferent. It just is. When our mind and our emotions agree on something, if there is an element of adventure or doing something different then there is excitement and that fuels enthusiasm. There is an intensity in enthusiasm that is very different to inner magic. As John says, “Enthusiasm is seen as a constructive quality that enables energy to be activated and driven, and it is. Enthusiasm falls into two categories, that which supports, enhances, and fuels all that you can be, and that which supports, enhances, and fuels all that distract you from being who you can be.” Inner magic has a very different feeling. On our latest retreat, we asked the group to sound their soul note as a group. The sound created was both joyful and deeply moving. It was both awesome and wonderful how the individual sounds merged into a beautiful whole. There was no enthusiasm within it and yet there was enthusiasm to repeat it! Again as John says, “Magic is about being fascinated, being fascinated about what the magician is going to do, about how he or she is going to do it, about what the outcome will be, may it be successful or not. Above all, magic is the willingness to sit in awe and wonder.” Which do you feel?