John the Beloved

The break in the chain

Last week I wrote of 5 questions we can ask to help us to step up. How many of you noticed that there were only 4? How many didn’t like to let me know? How many didn’t see it? All of this tells you something about your way of operating. The 5th question is in today’s post and is about the break in the chain. The four questions revolve around you – and how you responded to the post saying 5 and only including 4 reflects how you see yourself. If you didn’t notice there were only 4 questions, then your reading of the post was superficial and based on getting answers. If you noticed there were only 4 and didn’t like to let me know then it was about how I might feel about you for telling me. If you noticed but ignored it then your life revolves around you and what is important to you and you don’t really worry about other things. The 5th question is this: Why is spiritual service important to you? If your life only revolves around you then you might be developing spiritually, just not in a service capacity. How did you do?