John the Beloved

Recognising how our gifts and challenges help us

Do you see yourself and your abilities clearly? How do you add colour to the lives of others simply being you? Where do your struggles inspire others to be more? I chose this image because it encapsulates so much of both our gifts and challenges. The sky is a beautiful colour shining through the frame of buildings with the city below in darkness. That is often how we appear to be. We can see our abilities and how we touch others and yet we focus on what contains or limits us. We want to touch the sky and we fear we will fall because it is an illusion. The simplest way to move forward is to ask ourselves what are the easiest things we do for or offer to others. Seeing where we are consistently present for others shows us a gift we have that we take for granted because it comes so naturally. We find it so much easier to recognise our challenges because they demand our attention, whereas our gifts flow naturally. Our challenges show us what we are still to master and our gifts show what we have developed. When we use our gifts to help ourselves to overcome our challenges then we are truly aligned elementally. At that point our service moves to a whole new level and we become the inspiration for others we are seeking to be.