John the Beloved

How to work with your elemental Intelligence

John commented in his talk on Elemental Intelligence that “Until man can learn to live at peace within himself or herself, there will be war.” He was explaining that until the elements of our nature are aligned within, then we will project that out into our world. He used the fires and flooding of recent weeks as examples of how our emotions when not harnessed affect the elemental beings and can create havoc or peace. The John Harmony 21 Facebook group meeting each month on that date to transmit energy to our world through the Grid make a tremendous difference to the energy. He added that we could all do a two step process that would add even more depth. Step 1. He spoke about how spending 5 minutes each day, imagining what we could do if there were no limitations, would lift our frequency 1000%. It’s about allowing ourselves to be inspired by what could be possible. Our frequency lifts and we send out fire as a healing balm to the fire of anger burning in our world. Step 2: Spend five minutes thinking about how you feel about yourself, and writing down whatever the feelings might be. Not a story. Not sentences. Just words. Then ask yourself what are you going to do to change that. This step is practical. It’s not about wishing for change but actions that change how you feel or visualisations for change. That gradually changes over time and we will become more motivated, more aligned. We then become a force for good in the world simply by being ourselves. We are reaching the Equinox when day and night are in balance and the energies are equal. This would be a great time to do the same. Are you willing to take 10 minutes each day to change your world?