John the Beloved

How to align your inner self to your vision.

Do you feel things very deeply and struggle to be practical? Are you a planner who makes lists without completing them? Do you become very enthusiastic about something only to have the enthusiasm fizzle out? If you are very connected to your intuition and /or vision then often it’s very difficult to be practical. I’ve met many people over the years who are so sensitive that they find it hard to function. They live with a foot in each world but often prefer the softness of the spiritual worlds to the everyday life. They find it hard to be practical and yet it can be simple. This is the inner magic having full control. I’ve also met the ‘gonna do’s’. They have long lists of things to do, feeling this will help them to be more practical. And yet, they still do not complete most of the items. This is the emotional body and their enthusiasm is in control. And if you find your enthusiasm fizzling out, it’s because you are always open and never recharging. How do we resolve this? Those who are so deeply submerged in their spiritual life, usually have a judgement about the physical. However, being connected and not allowing your connection to flow in the world achieves nothing. We are here to make a difference so taking one simple step in any of the above situations can make that difference. Spirit asks us to be in the world and not of it. When I meditate and am given something significant, I always ask for the simplest action I can take to ground this. That one simple action then usually leads to another and another and before I know it the energy is moving. In the Moon Cycle Meditation group, we set the intent at the New Moon, which requires an action to anchor it. At the Full Moon we ask what actions we can take during this period to allow the intent to take form. Without action, our intuition is simply a dream. After all, if you’re not meditating you don’t create the inner space that allows you to take who you are into the outer world. And if you’re not taking action then you are not grounding all you can be in the world. More on this later…… What do you do?