John the Beloved

Empowering your Journey

Do you find yourself repeating old patterns? Are you tired of achieving less than brilliant outcomes? Are you ready to move forward in love, joy and acceptance? In John’s latest talk he said, “Empowering your journey is about resolving the pieces that disempower you. Because, if you have something that keeps you attached to the physical, to the material, no matter what you try to do, then there is something here for you to learn. There is a fear that you have not addressed. Until you can address it, until you can integrate it, nothing will change. You will transmute it, and then you will create it again, and you will transmute, and you create. And so you are kind of like your mouse on the wheel, going around and around in the circles, and not touching the core of the issue.” Coming to the end of the year is a great time to stop and take stock. Is there something that came up for you this year that you really want to let go of once and finally? If so, then look at what is is and how it affects you rather than pushing it away and hoping it will resolve itself. Believe me it won’t! I had 3 serious health challenges before I wised up and looked at things fairly and squarely, asking what it meant and how to move beyond it. The answers are never easy. They are simple, however, and can change your life if you are ready to allow that. Use the year end to celebrate who you are and to resolve the little pieces keeping you small. We will be meeting on Facebook on the 21st for the Harmony 21 Solstice meditation too! 2019 is about growth and expansion so let’s be the role model that others might do the same.