John the Beloved

Do you Share your Light with others?

This is most of the group who went to NZ last month. Doesn’t their light shine brightly? By finally realising that recognising self is about who we are and not what we do wrong, our energy shifts and we all shine beautifully. Perhaps it’s time to stop taking every thing personally and feeling entitled and start sharing our Light to help others? At the beginning of the year the energy was very dense, frustrating us all. This past year has been fast and furious in so many ways causing challenges and difficulties. And yet, when we focus on how we shine for others we are able to move through it so well. New Zealand has a pure light and that is both blessing and curse. It’s a blessing when we are aligned and a curse when we are not and see it so clearly! What’s interesting is that this was at the beginning of the trip not after all the work. I guess it shows that we are who we are despite our self judgment…..