John the Beloved

Are you at a turning point yet?

Are you at a turning point yet?

Have you followed the trail?
Were you interested in the directions?

Did you step onto your path?

This past year has been all about preparing to turn things around. It has been about looking at where we are and where we wish to be. This month’s newsletter comes after our retreat in Japan. We were up in the mountains in autumn and if any season shows the beauty of change this is the one. The colours of the foliage were stunning. It was as if the trees were celebrating the coming death of the old energy rather than holding on and resisting.

We had an opportunity through meditation exercises, John’s teachings and visits to certain energy spots to reconnect to the Earth and nature once again. In that space it was possible to embrace change, change within and around us.

Here are some of the comments from the particpants:

For the first time I feel I truly understood the meaning of Live in Community (one of the Seven Spiritual Truths)

This has been the best retreat yet – and I feel so peaceful inside. What a great place to connect and anchor our energies.

Huge thanks for a wonderful retreat. For me, the arrangements went very smoothly, the hotel was fabulous, and the teachings, as always, were inspiring. I know it takes a huge amount of time and effort to put this sort of event together, please know that I’m thankful for all you have given. I felt that the group benefited from new energy.

We have been asked if we would consider arranging two retreats next year again and so we will be holding the first in July in Brittany and the second in Madarao again in early October.

Our Community is finally coming together! Congratulations to those who attended determined to end procrastination – and succeeded!