John the Beloved

Aligning within

In 2016 I asked if you were a caterpillar or a butterfly and spoke of the 4 stages of growth involved moving from one to another. For those who missed it, here they are: 1. It crawls along happily eating and sleeping, eating and sleeping. 2. It feels an urge to create a cocoon so it starts spinning. At this stage the eating is over but the urge to spin and sleep takes over. 3. It’s being totally cocooned and allowing itself to literally go within. 4. Is the struggle to break free of the cocoon, spread its wings and fly. So much has happened in our world since then, not least the changes in weather patterns. Most of us are now aware of how our thoughts and emotions affect these patterns and therefore stage 3, being aligned within, is more significant now than ever before. When we can accept who we are and that we are a work in progress, we begin to align more effectively within. We accept that there are days we might judge others or days when we don’t like someone or something. Those days don’t define who we are. However, how we respond or react to them does. If you find yourself in self judgement or judging your actions, consider how you could have acted differently – not better. If you feel angry with someone then write a letter expressing how you feel and why. DO NOT POST IT! Then look at where your anger is with self and how you could address it. Burn the letter and transmute the energy, using the Violet Fire. The exercise for this is in our free section. Finally focus on who you choose to be and begin to practice it. You will find you are more settled and aligned each day.