John the Beloved

Access your Why

Posted: 03 Mar 2020

I am often asked about our purpose and how we can find it or know it.

I can’t remember seeking a purpose that led me to now. It just evolved.

All I know is that I had a why. Why did I step forward to teach? Initially, because people asked me questions about things I was interested in.

Why did I say yes to John? After working with him for 7 years knowing him only as ‘The Teacher’, after my initial hesitation it felt right – and still does.

Why was it more important than “normal”? I felt as if normal had something missing – and stepping into this brought me the missing pieces.

For me the why is enough. I didn’t need some grand purpose or to know I had an important mission. All that mattered and still matters is my why.

Because it is my passion. Because I enjoy seeing the light go on in someone. Because I really couldn’t do anything else.

What’s your Why?