John the Beloved

Acceptance and Community

2 years ago I posted an article about Acceptance and Attraction and posed these questions. Are you openhearted? Can you see your path clearly? Are you searching for connection, both physically and spiritually? Being open hearted is allowing the fire of enthusiasm for life to flow within us. It allows us to anticipate and appreciate each day for all it can bring. We live with the opportunity for joy to manifest and for memories to treasure for the future. And we attract it to us. Openheartedness comes from acceptance of self – and sometimes from acceptance from others. It never comes through criticism or judgement. The more we accept the more we attract – for good or ill. However it does not mean being gullible. We still need to take responsibility for those we allow into our lives and the effect their energy may have on us, our family and friends. The idea was to develop a community of like-minded people, using spirituality as the basis for self acceptance and growth. The core of this – as with any community – is acceptance and collaboration thus empowering ourselves and each other. We felt that if the first 3 Truths were utilised, as John teaches them, we would create a great opportunity. We are achieving that goal and enjoying meeting new people. We now have a great, supportive group of people who are there to share and collaborate with each other. People who don’t feel part of a community which accepts them have no foundation to stand on and can be easily led or manipulated. We welcome anyone who would like to contribute through openhearted sharing. After all, if it’s to be, it begins with me. Would you like to join us?