John the Beloved

5 Ways your intuition won’t help you.

When we stand in Light our intuition blazes forth to help and guide us. However it’s important to be aware of when it won’t do so. These are 5 ways your intuition won’t help you so save your strength trying to build these abilities. 1. It won’t give you the exam results. If you have played hard and not studied it won’t rescue you. 2. It won’t give you the lotto numbers. After all, not everyone feels connected to their intuition – and yours is there for your journey. 3. It won’t tell you you are the best in the world. After all, everyone is the best in their world. 4. It won’t criticise you if you get it wrong. You simply have another opportunity to learn and grow. 5. It won’t help you to harm another. Don’t ask it for a way to get ahead that might harm another. However standing in Light our intuition will help: 1. it will help you to learn, grow and share with others. 2. It will show you ways to expand more easily. Look at the signals which appear each day. 3. It will help you feel good about who you are. Watch how your life improves and how others greet you. 4. It will continuously point out the best direction to take. Be open to roads that you might not have considered. 5. It will ALWAYS be there for you even if others are not. When we face our darkest night, there is always a ray of light and that is our intuition and Higher Self walking beside us.