John the Beloved

3 Types of belonging

Do you belong to self? Do you belong to others? Do you belong to your Soul? There are three types of belonging. We can belong to ourselves.We can belong to others. We can belong to our Soul. When we first step onto our path, we are usually either focused on (belong to) self or others. Our Soul is prompting us but we haven’t really gotten to grips with it yet. Our personality is making our choices based on how we feel or think in the moment. Our lives are either lived to make us happy or to make others happy. If we belong to self then we operate from the solar plexus centre. We judge what we are capable of, what limits us and what we should be or do. If we belong to others then we operate from the sacral chakra. We feel what we need to do, what we fear and what others need from others. Neither of these give us a sense of peace or of true belonging because in neither do we feel truly in control. The solar plexus gives you a sense of gratefulness for what happens to you – and that means you are not in control. The sacral gives you a fear of what others might think if you speak your truth and again you are not in control. Once you understand this, you can step into your heart chakra. You can feel the energy in your heart chakra; you can bathe in its light. This at the heart of your being, is your true energy. Try connecting to your heart chakra and simply breathing in and out gently. Feel how your energy shifts and changes. Feel the sense of peace and acceptance that is there for you. This is where you belong.