John the Beloved

3 Tips to ensure that what we ask for we receive.

John commented that we ask for things and then put them to one side. Growing up we talked about putting things away for a rainy day. Trouble was that when the rainy day came we did something else! Here are 3 tips to ensure your rainy days are valuable and not missed opportunities. 1. If we want to work with the gift shop then it’s important to be very clear about our intent for whatever we’re claiming. 2. Examine what within us might block our ability to receive it, asking for clarity to use it wisely for the highest good of all. 3. Set a course of action, being prepared for any expectations we might hold about ourselves to come to the surface to be resolved. As we claim so we’ll be shown where in the past we didn’t allow ourselves to receive. The energy of the shop is dynamic. In claiming from it you set energy in motion that will help and empower your journey if you work with it.