John the Beloved

Why am I here?

Do you ever stop to ask yourself these questions? Why am I here? What’s my purpose? Why did I choose to live here? Why do I do what I do? When we are following a spiritual path it’s not just about learning about Spirit. The purpose for incarnating is twofold. We’re asked to contribute to the Divine Plan and in return we’re given the gift to evolve. It always surprises me how much people focus on their own journey without truly realising that what they are learning is how to contribute not just progress. We live in a world that focuses on what we do, where we live, how we operate both physically and spiritually. Yet we often forget to ask ourselves why. Are we driftwood deposited where we are by the ocean of possibilities? Do we do what we do because we “fell into it”? Is it all just an amazing coincidence? When we are truly curious about why we are here, without judgement, then we recognise all we have to contribute. For example, when I was younger I could have studied business with languages. At the last moment I stepped back because I knew it didn’t “feel right”. I had a feeling that I wanted to help people and no idea how. By asking myself the questions and learning so much I was able to see that I am not the centre of the world but I have a role to play that contributes to the whole. It wasn’t about me it was about my purpose. When I focused on what my purpose could be, rather than the role I wanted to play, everything changed and opened up. I followed my guidance through many shifts and changes to be where I am now, knowing that I have still not arrived – and that’s OK. After all, it’s about the journey not the destination. What’s your journey about?