John the Beloved

What does your heart wisdom tell you?

For a year now our lives have been up and down. Some of us are struggling to make ends meet, some of us struggle with the loneliness and some of us aren’t struggling at all.  

How does that work from a spiritual perspective? Does it mean that if we’re struggling then there is something wrong with us? I don’t accept that. After all, we all incarnated for a reason and whilst we’re here to learn and grow, I doubt we were meant to learn to feel useless and a failure.  

However, I do feel this is about the planet and its journey. We all incarnated at this time to play a role in how we see our world and if we haven’t woken up to that yet then this gives us a chance to do so. Not easy if you already have many challenges to face.  

If you look at this as your next opportunity, not your battle, what might you see as an option for you? If you can’t operate as you have been, then how might you operate? 


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