John the Beloved

Personality or Soul -which guides you?

our personality guiding or our SoulPersonality or Soul – which guides you? What does being who we be mean? It means that we stand in the light of our spiritual self and not our personality. The personality has a job to do helping us to fulfil the purpose for which we came. However, if it’s the boss then we may well not even access our purpose.

Our Soul wants us to connect to others. To build strong connections that help us to achieve, expand and grow. In helping others, through our connections to Spirit and to these individuals, we build strong connections that form communities, organisations that work together for a common purpose.

We all have gifts and abilities. Identifying what they are is one step in recognising who we be and what we have to offer others. It’s time to stop fighting each other and begin working together despite our differences if our world is to be strong.


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