John the Beloved

How to listen and hear

Having asked our questions it’s important that we’re open to how the answers will come back to us. I once asked a question about a decision Tony and I had to make. I thought the answer would come in meditation but it didn’t.  Since time was crucial to this decision, I was rather concerned. However, I knew I would receive an answer.

A few hours later, someone we had not seen in quite some time contacted us to say that as they were driving they felt a presence in the car and were told to tell Tony and Helen yes. Fortunately she was used to being contacted by Spirit and she didn’t drive off the road in shock!

We got the message, just not as we thought it might occur. Be open to signs all around you. A song playing just when you need to hear those words, A book that opens as the exact place you need. Spirit is sending us messages all the time. We just need to be open to how those messages arrive.


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