John the Beloved

How often have you used the Solstice as a spiritual compass?

How often do you meditate at the Solstice? What is your focus? Where does it take you? This Solstice the Harmony group will be meeting online with Facebook to share a meditation for harmony for our world. What a lovely connection we are developing! We have agreed to do this for each Solstice and each Equinox since these are powerful times to connect. Tony and I are in Europe at this time preparing for our retreat in Andorra where we will be working with the Rays so it is particularly apt. Why? Each Solstice we have an opportunity to celebrate light on inner and outer levels. It lets us check in to see where we are and how well we are aligning to our path. When we sit in meditation and visit the Void as per John’s suggestions, we have the opportunity to connect at deep spiritual levels to guidance that can help us navigate our life nad what we are here to do. If we ask to be shown our path for this life, the milestones to achieve then we are shown all we need to know. We might have to do a little work to understand it of course! The energy of the Solstice is powerfuland available to us all as it celebrates Divine light. Asking to be shown if we are on track helps us to clarify what comes next. If you don’t feel you get much in meditation then you can either ask for it to come in a dream or for it to be shown clearly through a conversation or book etc. Spirit will always help and we need to be alert to this. We don’t need to allow our heads to then interpret logically. Connecting regularly helps us to see our path more and more clearly and keeps us on track.