John the Beloved

Do you have the 3 qualities that ensure your service is practical and spiritual?

It’s good to develop these 3 qualities if you are to serve other effectively. Firstly, you need to be willing to use common sense and perseverance. Without these you can be easily manipulated and turned from your purpose. Common sense because, as John says, then you use all of your six senses in common. You are aligned. Secondly, you need commitment. Being willing to persevere is great. However if there is no commitment to the outcome, you might simply become stubborn. Commitment is not about achieving a goal. It’s about holding a vision and holding the light for that vision until it’s accomplished. Finally, you need to be willing to engage with your guidance first and those you serve second. If you’re not engaged with your guidance then you are not serving spiritually. You’re in your head and that is about duty or responsibility. When you engage with your guidance you will be shown in simple ways how you can serve others. There is no drama, only service with joy.

If you take time to interact in your community, getting to know people, sharing your joy and laughter with them, you are helping to create an environment in which that community grows. When people feel connected they are less likely to want to hurt themselves or others.

In this way, we change our energy, affect positive outcomes and become a support for the type of world in which you want to live.