John the Beloved

Are you the true cause of negativity in your world?

“No one can create negativity or stress within you. Only you can do that by virtue of how you process your world . “—Dr Wayne Dyer

I came across this quote today and in light of John’s talk this month thought it appropriate since it is so true.
Spirit always brings us to where we need to be and to what we need to see. Negativity is the topic of the year. We look at so much occurring within our world and fear it rather than explore it.

Yes, there is tension between the major powers. I personally can’t remember a time when the news didn’t include something along the same lines. The countries might have changed but the energy is the same. That is growth. Countries testing their boundaries just as we do as children. If you see this as something to fear then you are creating inner stress for yourself. Why would you do so?

Abject poverty is another. If we spent as much time and energy resolving this as we do stressing about it, it might disappear. 

Many years ago John told us that we are always where we need to be for what we came to do. If we focus on that then we mind our own business and get on with things. Then we change our inner landscape from fear to inspiration and in doing so change the negativity in the word to positivity and achievement.

How do you see this?