John the Beloved

Aligning to 2019

Are you stuck in a rut? Not sure of who you are or what to be? Are you full of plans for moving forward? John has said this year is about growth and expansion. However, how does that work if we feel stuck or uncertain of what we have to offer? His December talk is all about being who we are beyond our beliefs and expectations. We are usually stuck when we have expectations of self based on how others are doing things; criticise without ever looking at what we do well; hold on to past failures and make them the present or forget to celebrate all we are achieving, both large and small. After all, lots of small things lead to bigger things as they build confidence. When we’re stuck or lacking in confidence we’re not seeing the whole of ourselves, only the bits which don’t seem to be working. We are fixed on being perfect which means we will always feel we have failed! The solution? He suggests that you sit in your heart chakra and simply feel the energy without attaching any labels to it. Simply feel who you are there. If possible go for a walk afterwards and allow that feeling to settle within you. Once that connection is established – and I recommend doing this regularly – then make a list of all the things you are able to do, no matter the degree of perfection. Once completed, put them in order of priority based on levels of enjoyment, not levels of perfection, and see what comes up for you. This gets you out of your criticism and allows your mind to open up again. Possibilities open up too. Let me know how it unfolds for you on our Facebook page.