John the Beloved

A new Decade begins!


Posted: 29 Dec 2019

It’s hard to believe we’re at the beginning of another decade. Where does time go?

Now it’s a new decade and a new energy and it’s beginning with a bang since Saturn and Pluto are coming together in Capricorn for the first time for 300 years. Then we had the last outbreak of the plague; peace treaties signed; a Queen abdicating in favour of her husband and the notorious South Sea Bubble leading to regulations governing the stock market.

WOW! Not hard to see correspondences that might show up again this time around.

This month John talks about his purpose as it affect our own. The Seven Spiritual Truths are one piece of a much greater whole that will be made available when we show we’re ready.

Ten years ago John offered the Seven Spiritual Truths teachings and what a gift they were! For those of you who missed them then, we have included them in our new membership site so if you haven’t already done so click here for a free trial.